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Welcome to the official website of two connoisseurs and netsuke carvers. We are professional artists. More information about us can be found here - Victoria Plotnikova and Alexander Stepanets.

Netsuke* art is a magical world of miniature plastic, so for us the process of creating netsuke is the magic of turning a certain material (bone, wood, etc.) into an "alive" figure.

While creating our netsuke and okimono**, we are working on them using the "gassaku" (jap., 合作) method - collaboration or co-authorship. In this team-work we find our unique way. Each of the authors brings own vision of art thereby enriching the created image.

Working on our miniatures, we put love into every netsuke. Because the world of netsuke is love, both for carvers and for collectors.

* Netsuke (jap., 根付) is a small carved Japanese plastic in the form of various figures, which are made of ivory, wood, metal, lacquer. Netsuke were invented in second half of the 16th - beginning of the 17th century. Served as a counterweight to the suspension of inro box to the obi belt, which were used in Japan when wearing traditional clothing - kimono.

** Okimono (jap., 置物) is miniature japanese plastic, which is usually similar to netsuke in decoration, plot and sometimes size. The difference between okimono and netsuke is the absence of a hole for the himotoshi - cord.